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  • Enhancing health and wellbeing

    Through treatment, management and education, a child’s participation in everyday activities can be maximised.

    Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice regarding equipment and activities. To enhance children’s health and wellbeing, a physiotherapist will provide treatment, management and/or education so that a child’s participation in everyday activities can be maximised. A physiotherapist will work with a child’s family and, with parental permission, other significant people in the child’s life to transfer gains made in therapy sessions to the child’s everyday functioning.

  • Does my child need to see a physiotherapist?

    A physiotherapist can assess and discuss with you any concerns regarding your baby or child’s development, including:
  • Delays in milestones

    Such as not tolerating tummy time, or late rolling, sitting or walking.

  • Feeling floppy or stiff

    Does your child feel floppy or stiff when being held?

  • Chromosome abnormalities

    For example, Down syndrome.

  • Movement disorders

    For example, cerebral palsy or dyspraxia 

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