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Occupational Therapy

  • Play is a child’s job!

    Children learn and develop skills through play.

    Occupational therapy aims to assist children and their families to fully participate and engage with other people and activities in their home, kinder, school and community.

    Apart from the practical occupations of eating, sleeping, dressing, and toileting, which a child needs to master, the main occupation of a child is play! Children learn through play and also learn so many other skills through play. This includes learning to engage with their parents, siblings, other adults and their peers. Through play they learn to be part of social interaction, to observe others, to copy and react to others.

    This forms the basis for the learning of communication, language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. It also forms the basis for learning about their ability to pay attention to and adapt to their environment. The best thing about play is that children LOVE playing. It’s the BEST way to teach a child other skills they need for learning.

  • Does my child need to see an occupational therapist?

    Typical referrals for occupational therapy include:
  • Teaching a child to play!

    Some children need an extra helping hand to learn the skills to play. Learning how to play assists with all other aspects of development.

  • Improving Fine Motor Skills

    Drawing, cutting, writing, opening containers, undoing and doing up buttons and zips.

  • Sensory processing

    Understanding sensory processing, self-regulation and how to adapt your child’s environment or activity.

  • Independent self-care skills

    Strategies to teach your child how to independently dress, toilet and eat.

  • Variety of food

    Increasing your child’s tolerance and decrease their distress around food.

  • Sleeping difficulties

    Understanding sleep challenges and developing sleeping plans.

  • Equipment and home modifications

    If your child needs specialised equipment or modifications to be completed to their home.

  • Read more about referrals and funding.