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Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk

  • Helping you to become your child’s most important language teacher.

    The Hanen It Takes Two to Talk® programme supports parents and carers by providing practical strategies to help their child learn language naturally throughout the day, and empowering parents to become their child’s most valuable language supporter.

  • The programme is intended for parents and carers of children with language delays. It includes up to eight small group sessions with other parents and carers, and three individual visits with a family and child. It provides families with the opportunity to meet and connect with others in similar situations, learning and sharing valuable experiences throughout the programme.

    At Child Development SPOT, the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk programme is facilitated by our speech pathologist, Sophie, who has undertaken specialised training in this programme.

  • The program shows you how to:

    • determine your child's communication stage and the steps to progress them to the next stage
    • understand your own communication style and what styles best support new learners
    • recognise things that will help motivate your child to communicate
    • adapt familiar routines within the home to help your child interact with you and take turns
    • learn how to follow your child's lead, enabling you to keep interactions and communication flowing
    • add language into your everyday interactions that is targeted to your child's communication stage
    • read books and play in a way that better supports your child in learning language.

    This information has been adapted from the Hanen website. If you would like further information about the programme, contact us or browse the Hanen website.

  • Simple strategies developed by expert speech pathologists.

    The It Takes Two to Talk programme has been developed by speech pathologists and is underpinned by research. It is an evidence-based programme shown to have positive outcomes for children with language delays. If you would like explore the research and evidence behind the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk programme, click here.

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