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  • Speech Speech Pathology Assessing, diagnosing, and helping treat speech, language, social communication, and swallowing disorders. Find out more Physio Physiotherapy Enhancing children’s health and welbeing through movement and exercise, and education and advice. Find out more OT Occupational Therapy Assisting children to learn to play and develop skills towards independence. Find out more Hanen Hanen:
    It Takes Two to Talk
    Empowering parents to become their child’s most valuable language supporter. Find out more
    Fussy Eaters Fussy Eaters For children who eat only a small variety of food and need help increasing their tolerance of new foods. Find out more Sleep Sleep Workshops Workshops to help you understand your child's sleep challenges and how to address them. Find out more
  • Welcome to Child Development SPOT

    Please note that due to high demand, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy are currently not taking new clients. Our physiotherapist is taking on babies who are under 12 months of age. Please check back on our website for future availability.

    We provide fun, friendly, high quality speech pathology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for children and their families in Warrnambool and the surrounding district.
  • Speech Pathology
    Helping children with speech, language, social communication, and swallowing difficulties.
  • Physiotherapy
    Enhancing health and wellbeing through treatment, management and education.
  • Occupational Therapy
    Assisting children with learning to play and developing skills as they move towards independence.
  • Programmes
    Friendly and engaging programmes that respond to the needs of children and families.
  • A fun and friendly space for quality therapy.

    We designed our clinic to be a place where kids enjoy themselves and look forward to their therapy session.

    Child Development SPOT is fun and exciting. It doesn’t have static, boring rooms where nothing much happens. It’s bright and colourful and has places to crawl, jump, climb, sit on and bounce through, and things to open, close, bang, push, drop, throw and even eat. Therapy doesn’t have to be a chore!

    Children particularly enjoy our:
    • Interactive ball wall.
    • Magnetic mural for communication and play.
    • Gross motor skill circuits.
  • Professional therapists who love working with children.

    Our special interest is paediatric therapy because we love children and want to see them thrive and reach new levels of achievement.
    We know that therapy isn’t always easy, but our experienced and professional approach allows us to develop relationships with each child and discover ways to help them achieve their goals. We also like to provide services that extend beyond a single service. Our team has worked together for more than five years, and because we offer speech pathology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, we work holistically for your child.
    We pride ourselves on being:
    • Fun and friendly.
    • Professional and experienced.
    • An established team who has worked together for five years.
  • Baby Massage and Movement Programme

    Our Baby Massage and Movement programme is an opportunity for you to learn massage techniques that can boost your child’s relaxation, give you special one-to-one time with your baby and, best of all, it’s fun. Both mums and dads can enjoy close bonding time with their baby.
    • Techniques

      Learn massage techniques to aid in relaxation, sleep and colic.

    • Fun interactions

      Enjoy hearing, seeing and feeling special moments while bonding with your child.

    • For dads and mums

      This isn’t just for mums! Everyone can enjoy hands-on time with their child.

    • Floor time benefits

      Strengthen your baby’s muscles and their motivation to move.

    • For pre-crawlers

      This programme is typically for babies 1-6 months of age and for those who are not yet crawling.

    • Learn about milestones

      Understand typical movement milestones and hear tips for encouraging development.

    • Address

      Child Development SPOT
      180 Lava Street
      Warrnambool, 3280, Victoria.

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      9am – 5pm
      Weekends by arrangement.